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short term studies
Short-term Studies
hebrew studies
Hebrew studies

Desired profession

Flexible learning process

Flexible learning progress- The program includes a 3-months course that combines learning your selected profession while learning Hebrew!
Once you have completed the courses and mastered the appropriate level of Hebrew, you will have the opportunity to live in Georgia and work in Israel!

Customized learning environment

Training will be held in the auditoriums! Which will enable students to get the most out of professional lecturers!

Jobs for our excellent students

Students who complete the program with honors will receive a guaranteed job in Israel and will enjoy the opportunity to work remotely from Georgia

High-wage jobs

Graduates will enjoy the opportunity to work in Israel for a high salary while living in Georgia – without a work visa

Coveted professions

Graphic Design; Creating web pages; Video editing; Managing digital advertising campaigns;

The minimum wage in Israel today is equal to 4,600 GEL!

Israel’s work market is one of the leaders in the world in terms of demand and high wages.
The minimum wage in Israel is 5300 NIS, which is currently equivalent to 4600 GEL.

Our courses

Manage digital advertising campaigns
Graphic Design

Website building

Video editing

hebrew studies

Hebrew language at all levels

About us

At Israel Digital Academy you will find a student-friendly learning environment, professional lecturers and, most importantly, studies in Georgian!
The goal of the training is to provide companies in Israel with reliable and talented employees who have an in-demand digital profession and an appropriate level of Hebrew speaking.
The Digital Academy of Israel is the right place for young people in Georgia to study the most in-demand Digital professions and eventually to get a guaranteed, high-salary job in Israel without a work visa!
The Digital Academy in Israel established by Shani Friedman. Owner of a digital marketing office in Israel. Living her life in beautiful Georgia while working online!

Jobs every year

After completing the course you will get a job in Israel!


Academic hours

In our academy you will learn from the most professional lecturers!

Months of study

The training will be conducted in a 3-month course;
October – December
January – March
April – June


Only 2,000 GEL

The course fee is 2,000 GEL; Which includes a professional course chosen by the student + a Hebrew language course


No! Graduates of the Digital Israel Academy will be able to work online – live in Georgia and earn money in Israel. You will be registered as a part-time worker and will be paid directly to a bank account in Georgia.

Students will initially take a test in Hebrew.
Anyone can learn!
As a result of the test, the student will be placed on one of the three levels of Hebrew.

Students who do not have knowledge of Hebrew will take the first course, which includes vocational training in the profession of their choice + beginner level in Hebrew, and will be able to enroll in two Hebrew language courses in the next semester – Advanced A and Advanced B. , According to which it will pass Advanced A or Advanced B for the second time).

After completing a final Hebrew language course, Advanced B, Digital Israel Academy will help you find a job online in Israel.

Yes. Each semester lasts 3 months and costs 2,000 GEL. You can pay 667 GEL every month for 3 months.

Pre-registration is available until 01/11/22

2000 GEL

Regular price

1800 GEL

Pre-registration price

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This is your chance!

Live in Georgia and earn money in Israel!

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